Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beautiful Pink-Eyed Girl

Okay, so normally her eyes are brown. This week, they were pink.


Hug Abby. Wash hands. Pick up Rachael. Get puked on by coughing baby. Wash me, baby and floor. Play with Abby. Wash hands. Nurse baby. Wash hands. Get puked on by coughing baby. Wash...

You get the idea. We went thru lots of soap, laundry and hand sanitizer this week.

I'm feeling sad. Another blog that I pop in on once in awhile .... ... mom has gotten a diagnosis of LGS for her son. When Abby was first diagnosed with IS, one of my greatest fears was that she would develop LGS. Our lives took a different path, Abby being diagnosed with Autism. Trevor's story reminds me of how truly blessed we are. My heart goes out to you, mom, and your family.

A great link I lifted from her page, however.... For Mommies with SN Kids.

Very wiggly baby getting impatient on my lap...

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