Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stupid Rain

The title, methinks, says it all.

We've gone... what, a whole 48 hours without rain? And now it's raining. Again. And not a little bit of rain. Buckets. Boatloads.

We had six inches of rain last month. We've had close to four inches already this month. Some places within an hour's drive have had double that. Our ten inches is about double what we normally get for all of May and June, and there's still ten days left in June!

Abby's not feeling great. She looks like she has another sinus infection, and seems to be in pain. Motrin helps, but doesn't resolve the issue. She's taken to napping during the day again.

We bought a Neti Pot to try to flush stuff out, but we keep chickening out doing it (I want Michael to try it out on himself first, but so far he hasn't). With the black eye she's sporting due to a collision at school last week, she looks like a prize fighter.

Rachael is covered in huge mosquito welts. And I mean welts. I forgotten how much little kids swell up from them. There's just a couple million mosquitoes here. We never found the buggers that bad since moving here four and a half years ago. The soil here is quite sandy compared to Capital City (which is world-famous for it's mire and gumbo), and tends to have less standing water. However, eventually even the sand gets saturated and... voila! standing water and mosquito breeding grounds.

I have lots of other stuff to say and share, but I will make another post to do it (later).

And to all the papas out there.... Happy Daddy's Day!


  1. I swear by the neti pot (having been very hesitant to try it myself). Had a sinus infection for almost 6 months, antibiotics did nothing. 4 days using the neti pot am and pm, it went away; started to come back about 2 weeks later and another couple days took care of it.

  2. I agree with Adrienne. Don't fear the neti pot. I like using it right after i get home from visiting my cat-owning friends as well--it cuts down the amount of time I spend sniffling dramatically.

  3. Michael tried it last night on himself and declared it wasn't too bad (and he didn't snore nearly as much!). I did it to Abby this morning, and she was okay with it for about the first 10 seconds until she realized what was going on! LOL After that there was lots of sputtering and choking as she kept pulling back and consequently didn't keep her head forward. But it seems to have helped, she's sleeping now and breathing easier than she has in a couple of days.

    We'll keep at it, it's looking promising. Anything to keep her off antibiotics at this point!