Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I want to plant my garden today!

I love gardening. It's very satisfying to plant something and watch it grow.

And then to eat it. Yum!

We're running a little behind schedule this year due to the weather. It's been.... uncooperative. My rental garden plot wasn't ready until the May long weekend , and the weather has been pretty terrible since then. The few nice days we've had got taken up by delivering flyers, or mowing the lawn, or doing one of the other million things that needed to get done. Right. Now.

And now it's raining. Again. Because we needed more rain after the three inches we got less than a week ago.

::rolls eyes and sighs::

Back to the garden. I had a community garden plot last year, and it was great. Except it got vandalized. Repeatedly. Someone kept pulling out all my carrots and tossing them around. And it wasn't an animal unless it wears a size 9 Nike running shoe.

I had a nice little garden at the old house (see photo above!), I got about 60 lbs of tomatoes off it it last year! But alas, no garden in the yard this year. It's full of gorgeous perennials and trees, but I haven't found the "right" spot for a garden. Yet. Give me time.

So this year, we rented a 1000 square foot plot along the Low Road at a nice little garden market organic farm that gives renters first dibs on the raspberries (my hands are trembling, I can hardly wait!).

Plus, we got a full share CSA again this year.

And did I mention the new house has two beautiful apple trees?

I'm going to up to my eyeballs in canning and preserving come August!

That is, assuming it stops raining....

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  1. If you have any apples to spare, toss them my way! I am going to miss making applesauce this fall!