Friday, April 16, 2010

The Awesomeness Known as "Chreese"

 Recently, I purchased a couple of packages of Road's End Organics GF "Chreese" to try. 

We have, so far, been amazed with this product!

(If I was still on Facebook, I would be talking about it there, but seeing how I'm now Facebookless, you get to hear all about it. Lucky you.)

It's incredibly hard to find here in Canada, as no one seems to want to ship it, but I recently discovered this great little boutique that carries all kinds of GF stuff that comes up from the US.  (On a side note, there's another great shop I've recently discovered that carries tons of GF stuff., Sadly, both are 2+ hours away from my house. Happily, we're "in town" often enough that we can make the trip once in awhile.)

We tried it first as a mac n' cheese sort of thing, and made baked mac n' cheese a la Nana with a tin of homemade tomatoes mixed in. It was delish.

The true test was today, when I whipped up a batch and proceeded to make Abby a grilled chreese sandwich!

She was pretty excited, and looked at me with some disbelief when I told her to go ahead and eat it (it's even orange-coloured like american-style slices!) I was surprised how well it worked (the prepared chreese has a consistency similar to Cheez Whiz). I ate one too. The rest of the package of chreese is sitting in my fridge, waiting for the next sandwich.



  1. Thank you for sharing! Now, can you bring me some the next time you head to The City????

  2. I am going to have to pick some of this up when I am in Winnipeg. Does Lorenzo's have it?

    On a side not, her is a link to Amazon where I found the Vance's Dari Free that will ship here.

  3. Yes, Lorenzo's is where I picked it up. thanks for the link.