Friday, April 24, 2009

A Jarring Situation

Okay, I admit, I'm just here to rant.

Jem jars. Canadians might be familiar with the term. Americans, probably not. It's a size of home-canning jar somewhere between regular and wide-mouth. Available only in Canada. Nowdays, notoriously hard to find. I don't even think they make the jars anymore, and the lids and bands are not carried by a lot of places. There's a whole history as to why.

I have inherited jars from my grandmother. I have boxes of these darn things, which I want to use especially now that Bulk Barn is here and I'm buying everything in these handy-dandy, flimsy bags. Besides, I'm in love with chef Michael Smith, seeing that beautiful Nova Scotia pantry lined with mason jars full of ingredients.

But arrrrrrgh!!! They are so hard to find! And because now only Bernardin makes them, they're expensive! Which I don't mind if they last forever like the jars, but they do have a limited life. I'm also hoping to pick up more jars at yard sales this year, but they will probably be Jem jars as they were the most common size at one point, and because lids and rings are so hard to find....

*makes low growly noise*

Another rant, I managed to kill my tomato seedlings by accidently cooking them. LOL At least I have time to try them again and hope for the best.

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