Sunday, January 22, 2012


I know. 

Don't say it. 

I've been a bad girl. 

I haven't posted in, literally, forever. 

Is this something I need to go to confession about? 

How has your journey been? 

Grand Valley
Mine's been interesting. Different. Divergent. I feel like I'm on the cusp of something wonderful, and large, and momentous.

Okay, I often feel like that. And maybe someday it will come true.

I guess I'm thinking about a road because of a couple of conversations I've had recently. About where we're going, not only as individuals, but as a people. As a society.

One block at a time
We build our futures one block at a time. Really, where we build them is totally up to us. Or is it? How much are we the products of our own choices, and how much are we the products of our socialization? Who would we be, really, if we could be anyone without that tearing down and building up that is our sociological upbringing? Without the blatant commercialization of everything in our day to day lives?

Negociation is key
Our lives are something that requires a great deal of navigation. Some of us, I suppose, navigate like we drive a car... by the seat of our pants, never stopping for directions, relying on instinct, intuition and just blind luck to arrive at our destination. Or just going for a leisurely cruise, seeing where we end up. 

Others need a map. A detailed map. Like a CAA Triptik, with all the rest stops preplanned, all the sight-seeing meticulously marked, and a detailed milage log kep. There is a specific destination in mind that must be arrived at by a specific date. 

Which one am I? I don't know, a little of both. I don't really know where my destination is anymore, and I'm mostly okay with that. 

I have more thoughts about this, but really need my destination to be bed right now. We'll chat more later. 

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  1. As a homeschooling aunt, my nephew J and I have been working on an online poetry lesson that features the poem, "The Road Not Taken" so I've been thinking about roads too. Have to say keep your dreams and your thoughts that something wonderful is about to happen -isn't that what feels like HOPE in our hearts? Loved the little road the children were making!