Sunday, January 22, 2012


Checkin' in. 

Opening Christmas Stuff

A favourite activity - piled into the chair


Smiling for Mom

My beautiful babies <3

 That's all. 

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  1. Happy February 1st! Just checking out Catholic blogs and stumbled across yours. The picture of you with the sweet babies in the chair speaks to me. Have never had children of my own but I spent many years as a nanny to my many nieces and nephews and can recall many happy moment of us all piled into a comfy chair together. Also I have a 15 year old nephew with a seizure disorder caused by a bad lot of vaccines. The drug company even knew this was a "hot" lot but they let children's lives be upset by it anyway. I've also done PR writing for the Autism Society in the big city near my home and strangley enough know several autistic children since working there. God must have been preparing me for someting. I'll be back to check out your blog often - loved the post on hoarding - oh, I so know what you mean.