Monday, May 3, 2010

Okay Jen, This One's For You

Bah, it's getting late, so you can go read her thingy here. And here's my questions (okay, technically they're Jen's questions and my answers, but you get my drift, right?):

If you could go anywhere for a vacation, money no object, where would you go and why?  Who would you take with you?
My husband and I would either go the East Coast during the Fall to see the pretty leaves. Or "do" Europe. Just because we've said we both want to do that.

What has been your biggest challenge as an adult?
Other than having to behave like a grownup?

What are you currently reading?  What led you to that book?
I am currently reading Healing Our Autistic Children: A Medical Plan for Restoring Your Child's Health. I borrowed it from my Mom. She said it was good. She was right.

What is one thing you will never ever ever eat?  Why?
Snails. Because I don't like them alive and outdoors, never mind dead and on my plate.

It is Sunday morning, 10:00 AM.  What are you doing?
Well, it's actually 12:07 a.m. Monday morning, but at 10 a.m. I was corralling my children into their coats so we could go home from Mass.

Which is more important to you?  A tidy home or a clean home?  Is there a difference to you?
Yes, a tidy home everything may be put away, but your socks will still turn black walking around on the bare floors. I would love clean, but I'll settle for tidy.

If you were given a full-ride scholarship to the post-secondary institution of your choice, where would you go? What courses would you take?  
I would go to school in Ontario to become a midwife.

Would you rather go to an action movie or a girly movie?
I don't know. I would just want it to be a Star Trek one.

If/when you start to grow grey hair, will you wear it with pride or dye it into submission?
Seeing how I started greying when I was 20 (thanks Mom, by the way), I usually dye it. I admit, however, that I have gotten rather lazy in that department as of late, and have two boxes of hair dye sitting under my bathroom sink doing nothing the past couple of months.

Dogs or cats?
We have a cat, but my kids think anything with four legs and fur are dogs (including horses, apparently). 

Okay now, I'm going to bed. Night-night!

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