Sunday, January 27, 2013

Something in the air


It's me. 


Glad you haven't completely abandoned me.

I feel like I am once again on a cusp. 

The last cusp I don't think amounted to much other than a new baby. 

Don't worry... that won't happen this time. ;)

Babies #2 & #3 going for a horsey ride. 

I want to post more, but I have to think about it. There's an air of change afoot, and I don't mean Idle No More

But for updates... Abby is wellish. We thought we started having seizures again before Christmas, but turns out they were ticks. Gobs and gobs of ticks. Why? you may ask. They haven't a friggin' clue. We're going to get assessed by a psychiatrist, and they keep throwing words like "Tourette's" around. 

Poor kid. Poor Mom. Poor Dad. 

Because obstacles like Epilepsy and Autism weren't enough, eh?

Yeah, yeah, okay. I know. Go do the dishes. 

We'll chat later. 

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