Friday, December 18, 2009

The One That Carolyn Originally Published Without A Title

Okay, so I'm blogging a lot lately. I need something I can do to maintain my sanity, and where I can watch Abby out of the corner of my eye. We've also had the camera handy trying to document the seizures (never seems to be on hand when she actually has one. Yeesh!). So we seem to have a plethora of pictures.

Miss Abby loves having her picture taken. She's the queen of close-ups. I have... oh, about a million... pictures like the above.

The weather if finally warming up. Our yard has been very lonely, with no one to play in it for over a week. Hopefully we'll get some good outside time this weekend. God knows we can all use it.

We've been working on lots of crafts, both in ABA and during our free time. Abby and I are working on colouring a big nativity scene to hang in the basement. I'll post pictures when we're finished (there's lots of colouring!).

We've made some ornaments. I spent the afternoon Mod Podging some of them yesterday.

Today has not been a great day so far. We've had three seizures and a bleeder by one o'clock. A bleeder? you ask. Abby got a teeny tiny paper cut on her finger, and it bled, a lot, for about an hour. It was everywhere. The ABA tutor originally thought she had a nosebleed, there was so much bood.

It may be coincidence, just the funny way she got cut. What's worrisome to me is that one of the side effects of valproic acid (which they've now increased the dose of twice, and changed the dosing schedule) is a decreased ability to clot. We will be keeping a very, very close eye on her this weekend.

Okay, so what's with the calendar? Just before Abby was first diagnosed, I bought this awesome calendar at Superstore that was HUGE, and had these giant grids, etc. Turns out it was a lifesaver.

(we interrupt this broadcast for the fourth seizure of the day)

(maybe I really should give her an Ativan)

Back to the calendar... our entire lives were recorded in that calendar during the year-from-hell. For example:

Those images are from our old 2006/2007 calendar. It's hard to see in the photo, but there's something written pretty much every day, even the "free day" (which I wrote "free day", LOL).

I didn't buy one of those calendars last year. I didn't think I needed it. This year, my sister-in-law was selling them as a fundraiser for her sons' daycare, so I bought one. Pretty good planning on my part, eh?

The new calendar is promising to be just as full as 2007, at least in the short term:

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