Saturday, October 24, 2009

Aw Man, Now I Got To Think Of A Title Too?

Well, hello there! It's been awhile.

Lots has happened. We sold our house. We're almost done buying another one. I have 30 days until we move, and I've packed one, lonely box.

Rachael started walking. Sort of.

Rachael turned one!

Abby has unleashed her inner Picasso (man, can that kid pump out the art!), and has discovered stickers.

We're losing an ABA tutor effective November 6 (which the tutor herself informed me of a good 10 days ago. St. Amant has yet to phone me and tell me I'm losing a tutor. I'm a little annoyed at them).

We're totally on the gluten-free bandwagon now. Abby and I are both feeling a lot better.

We have four more sessions with the speech language pathologist before she goes on maternity leave. They still haven't hired a replacement.

Mmmm.... let's see.... what else?

How about some pictures?

I guess that's it. With so much going on, I currently don't have time to be thoughtful or to ruminate on my innermost thoughts. Which is probably a good thing.

(Okay, so I'm lying a little bit there. Much of my thoughts as of late has been occupied by a little boy named Trevor a.k.a. seizure boy [is he still seizure boy if he stops having seizures?]. He was also affected by Infantile Spasms, and recently had more or less half his brain removed in an attempt to stop the hundreds of daily seizures he was having. You should go read move about him by clicking here.

I didn't really want to mention it because it's made me dark and moody and made me think a lot about IS, which is something I've thought very little of the past while. It's a deep, dark place where I'm still mad at God and I don't enjoy visiting. It's a place where you question your faith.

So then why the hell am I talking about it, you ask. Good question. I don't know. )

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