Thursday, March 12, 2009

Developmentally Appropriate

After last entry's wallow in self-pity, I wanted to focus on something positive. :)

We had our first fight over a toy last night. I was overjoyed! Why? It was normal. It was a glorious, normal sibling behaviour! Success came as a screaming, hair-pulling, push and shove rumble over the toy piano.

I'm amazed at how far Abby has come in recent months. When we started ABA in November 2008, she often tantrumed, didn't point, hardly vocalized, didn't really wave hi or bye, didn't know how to colour a picture or paint, and rarely made eye contact. Now, thanks to the hard work from her "team", there are rarely tantrums, she points and asks, "up" (OMG!), waves hi and bye with gusto (and even makes eye contact while doing it!), loves colouring and painting, and trying soooo very hard to speak (she actually says 6 words)!

And now, to do something as socially aware and as developmentally appropriate as fight with her sister over a toy... let me tell you, my heart is aflutter with joy. I'm even really excited that I've bought her puzzles rated for ages 3+... I can't remember the last time I bought her a toy that's actually for her age group (instead of for infants).

Now, someone please remind me of this moment in six months when I'm complaining about how they're always fighting over toys....


  1. Yay for fighting!!!!! I am so happy to hear that Abby is doing so well with her therapy.

  2. Hoping that their rivalry keeps on annoying the heck outta you!